Digital File Sharing

canstockphoto9557314At ODL, we are acutely aware that the science behind smiles requires constant revision. New and exciting techniques together with technological advances has allowed the dental community to become even more accurate and precise than ever before. As a result, the ODL lab maintains only the very best to cater for its customers. One such example is the digital file sharing system that seeks to replace many of the traditional means of passing a patient’s information and moulds from doctor to dental lab. Removing the need for intrusive and time wasting measures, the digital system allows us to accurately pinpoint what the patient needs. And once taken, there is never any worry about moulds being sent or broken because the digital system maintains a record that can be archived for the duration of the patient’s treatment.

To utilise this new and exciting venture, a doctor simply has to take the picture and send it to our laboratory via email at